Open Behavioral Science was developed to raise awareness of the importance of open access to behavioral science research, education, and applications. The Open in Open Behavioral Science is intended to function as both an adjective and a verb. We want to promote and disseminate behavioral science resources that are already open (adjective), and take action to open (verb) all of behavioral science to the public.

Our logo is based on the awesome Open Access logo originally developed by the Public Library of Science. That logo faces the other direction, with the open lock forming both an "o" (for open) and an "a" (for access). Clever, right? We flipped the logo horizontally so that the open lock can retain the "o" (for open) but also somewhat resemble a "b" (for behavioral). If you squint real hard and don't think about it too much, you might even make out an "s" (for science) in there somewhere.

OpenBehavioralScience.org was developed by Dr. Eric J. Fox, the Founder & Director of Foxylearning. The ongoing maintenance and development of the site is sponsored by Foxylearning.

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